The Projects: On-going maintenance of the monastic building and long term vision

As the old monastic building of the Karma Dupgyud Choeling was made of wood and mud and lack of construction like modern building, the two storey building was, therefore, collapsed due to the incessant rainfall in Ladakh on 2nd August 2006 afternoon. There were many are rare and valuable statues, stupas, scriptures, thangkas, religious objects and other monuments which got completely damaged. The statues include Buddha Shakyamuni, Padmasambhava, Marpa, Milerepa, Gampopa, H.H. the 16th Karmapa and so on. It was a great lost for the monastery in general and particularly the above mentioned statues are in fact an irreparable lost.

On the auspicious day of 12th September 2008, the young incarnation of Chime Rinpoche laid the foundation stone of the new monastery. Due to the shortage of funds and a harsh climatic condition in Ladakh as it is situated at a very high altitude similar to Tibet, the construction work could not be continued for more than five or six months. As a result of that, construction work took around seven years and finally, it is on the verge of completion in year 2015.

Our long-term vision is to have the monastery serve as a ‘shedra’ (monastic college) for students to undergo Buddhist studies, who will then graduate as a Khenpo. We further hope to produce a resourceful and competent person who can then serve the Buddha Dharma in general and in particular. We will do the best to nourish them in all aspects. As such, the next project that we will embark on is to establish proper accommodation for students and practitioners during their study here. Most of all, we have a lack of drashak (private rooms for the monks) and we will strive to overcome this problem in the days to come.

It is, thus, our earnest request to all the well-wishers and disciples of the Karma Kagyu lineage to kindly come forward and extend your valuable support to Karma Dupgyud Choeling Monastery.


Kindly note the following bank details for donations :

A/c Address : President,

Karma Dupgyud Choeling Cultural & Welfare Associate,

P.O. Box No. 10. Leh-Ladakh 194101


State Bank of India

A/c No: 10942161699

Swift No: SBININBB280

Bank Code No.: 01365 Leh


For further information, please contact

Choeje Lama Zopa Rinpoche

India Mobile : +91-9953465883

Malaysia Mobile : +6016-3092780

Email :


Skarma Ishey Jungnes (Thabkhe)

Delhi, India Mobile : +91-9811240775

Leh – Ladakh Mobile : +91-9419242425


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